Posey Non-Skid Men's Completely Ribbed Hospital Slipper Socks, Extra-Large Size, Rubber Sole, Navy, 826240

Posey Non-Skid Men's Completely Ribbed Hospital Slipper Socks, Extra-Large Size, Rubber Sole, Navy, 826240


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Step into a realm of security and comfort with Posey non-skid men's completely ribbed hospital slipper socks, now available in an navy shade. These slippers revolutionize the concept of non-skid footwear, seamlessly fusing safety with style. Meticulously designed for patients seeking effective fall prevention, these slippers embody a harmonious balance of security and comfort with each step you take.

Features and Benefits

  • Reliable Fall Prevention: Designed for patients in need of non-skid footwear, these slippers offer a secure grip, minimizing the risk of falls.
  • Comfortable Fit: The comfort fit with a larger opening accommodates patients with edema or large ankles, prioritizing comfort and easy to wear.
  • Warm Terrycloth Uppers: The soft terrycloth upper not only provides warmth but also offers a protective layer for enhanced comfort.
  • Secure Ribbed Soles: The ribbed, latex-free rubber soles ensure dependable grip on various surfaces, reaffirming stability.
  • Trusted Brand: Posey's reputation for quality ensures you're investing in a reliable product.


  • Size: XL
  • Color: Navy
  • Material: Soft terrycloth upper, latex-free rubber sole
  • Comfort Fit: Larger opening for edema or large ankles
  • Sole: Ribbed, latex-free rubber
  • Brand: Posey
  • MPN: 826240

Prioritizes Safety and Well-Being

Choose Posey non-skid ribbed hospital slipper socks for a secure and comfortable footwear solution that prioritizes your safety and well-being. With its carefully designed specifications, these slippers are a practical choice for individuals seeking reliable fall prevention measures without compromising on comfort.

Excellent Choice for a Wide Range of Individuals

Unlock a new level of safety and comfort with Posey non-skid ribbed hospital slipper socks. These slippers cater to a diverse range of individuals who prioritize both security and well-being. Patients in healthcare settings find a reliable ally in these slippers, as they provide a secure footing that instills confidence during movement. Individuals with mobility challenges discover enhanced stability, while those at risk of falls, such as the elderly or post-surgery patients, benefit from the slip-resistant design. Moreover, the comfort fit with a larger opening caters to patients with edema or larger ankles, ensuring both comfort and security.

What Makes it a Practical Choice?

Posey non-skid ribbed hospital slipper socks stand out as a practical choice due to their remarkable blend of safety, comfort, and versatility. These slippers offer reliable traction on various surfaces, ensuring stability with every step. The thoughtful comfort fit design, including a larger opening, accommodates individuals with edema or larger ankles, promoting effortless wearing. With their slip-resistant construction, these slippers provide an invaluable sense of security, making them an excellent option for those with mobility challenges or a propensity for falls. Additionally, the soft terrycloth uppers offer warmth and coziness, delivering an encompassing solution that places comfort and safety at the forefront.

Also Available in Other Sizes and Colors

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