Cardinal Health Protexis Latex Classic Surgical Glove with Nitrile Coating, Sterile, Powder-free, Cream

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Introducing Cardinal Health Protexis Latex Classic Surgical Glove with Nitrile Coating, the ultimate choice for surgeons and healthcare professionals seeking exceptional protection, dexterity, and a secure fit. These sterile, powder-free surgical gloves combine the benefits of latex and nitrile to deliver superior performance in various surgical procedures.

Features and Benefits

  • Latex Construction with Nitrile Coating: Protexis Latex Classic Surgical Gloves are made from natural rubber latex, ensuring reliable protection. They are complemented by a nitrile coating, which enhances the grip and dexterity of the gloves. The combination of latex and nitrile provides a balance between sensitivity and durability, making them ideal for intricate surgical tasks.
  • Broad Range of Protection: Designed to protect in a broad range of cases, these gloves offer versatility and adaptability across different surgical procedures. They can be used as an outer glove in a double-gloving system, complemented with a colored under-glove for easy identification and quick perforation detection.
  • Enhanced Grip and Dexterity: The gloves deliver exceptional dexterity, allowing for precise movements during surgical procedures. The advanced grip provided by the nitrile coating ensures a secure hold on instruments and reduces the risk of slippage, enhancing surgical precision and control.
  • Anatomical Fit and Comfort: Protexis Latex Classic Surgical Gloves feature a proprietary hand mold with an independent thumb design, offering an anatomical fit that closely conforms to the hand's natural shape. This design allows for effortless movement in the fingers, thumb, and palm, promoting comfort and reducing hand fatigue during long surgical procedures.
  • Interlocking, Beaded Cuff Design: The gloves incorporate an interlocking, beaded cuff design that helps reduce roll-down, ensuring a secure and reliable fit. This design feature enhances glove integrity, minimizes cuff displacement, and maintains consistent barrier protection throughout the surgical procedure.


  • Available Sizes
    • Size 5.5 | 11.5" Length (2D72N55X)
    • Size 6.0 | 11.5" Length (2D72N60X)
    • Size 6.5 | 11.5" Length (2D72N65X)
    • Size 7.0 | 12.0" Length (2D72N70X)
    • Size 7.5 | 12.0" Length (2D72N75X)
    • Size 8.0 | 12.0" Length (2D72N80X)
    • Size 8.5 | 12.0" Length (2D72N85X)
    • Size 9.0 | 12.0" Length (2D72N90X)
  • Material: Natural rubber latex with nitrile polymer coating
  • Color: Cream
  • Cuff Type: Beaded/Rolled
  • Finger Thickness: 9.8 mil / 0.25 mm
  • Palm Thickness: 7.9 mil / 0.20 mm
  • Cuff Thickness: 7.5 mil / 0.19 mm
  • Brand: Cardinal Health

What are Surgical Gloves?

Surgical gloves are essential protective gear worn by healthcare professionals during surgical operations and other invasive procedures. These gloves are typically made of latex, nitrile, or neoprene, offering a barrier between the wearer and potential contaminants, including bacteria and viruses. Surgical gloves are designed to provide a high level of tactile sensitivity, allowing precise movements and ensuring optimal dexterity for surgeons and other medical personnel. They are sterile and prevent cross-contamination, reducing the risk of infection for both the patient and the healthcare provider. Whether it's a major surgery or a minor medical intervention, surgical gloves play a crucial role in maintaining hygiene and preventing the spread of diseases. Trustworthy and reliable surgical gloves are an indispensable part of any medical setting, ensuring safety and protection for all involved.

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