Owen Mumford Unifine Pentips 32G (0.23mm) 5/32in (4mm) 100 U100 Insulin Micro Pen Needles

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Owen Mumford Unifine Pentips 32G (0.23mm) 5/32in (4mm) 100 U100 Insulin Micro Pen Needles

Owen Mumford Unifine Pentips 32G (0.23mm) 5/32in (4mm) 100 U100 Insulin Micro Pen Needles


Owen Mumford Unifine® Pentips® 32G (0.23mm) 5/32in (4mm) U100 Insulin Micro Pen Needles are manufactured to rigorous standards for exceptional quality and performance and offers a trusted pen needle solution, featuring OptiFlow® and DiamondPoint™ Technology for enhanced comfort and performance during drug delivery. Unifine® Pentips® pen needles are designed to lower penetration force to support patient comfort and reduce the sensation of trauma. Every Unifine pen needle is engineered using high quality surgical grade steel then multi-bevel cut and electropolished to remove microscopic burrs to give every needle a smooth finish. To ultimately result in a smoother, more comfortable and less painful injection every needle is treated with advanced silicone which smooths the path of the needle as it goes into the skin – just as using soap during hand washing smooths the process by minimizing friction. Unifine Insulin pen needles are color-coded by gauge which allows users to quickly identify correct gauge and needle length which further improves user experience and reduces confusion. Unifine Pen Needles regardless of length or gauge are compatible with most popular diabetes insulin pen injector devices from major suppliers like Owen Mumford, AstraZeneca, Lilly, Novo Nordisk, and Sanofi Aventis.

Owen Mumford Unifine® Pentips® Insulin Pen Needles Features
- Needle Gauge: 32G (0.23mm)
- Needle Length: 5/32in (4mm)
- For use with U-100 Insulin
- Needles are made with surgical anti-coring steel for clean piercing
- Needles are multi-bevel cut for a sharper point
- Thin wall cannulas (needle) for easier flow
- Electropolished for a smoother finish
- Advanced silicone coating for a lower glide force and maximum comfort
- Color-coded to gauge
- Easy-to-read information on each side of the box
- Fit most “Type A” insulin pen devices
- Box of 100
- MFG P/N: AN3540

How to choose the right size insulin pen needle?
Always consult with your health care provider for recommendations on the right size pen needle.

Important Note
Owen Mumford Unifine® Pentips® 32G (0.23mm) 5/32in (4mm) U100 Insulin Micro Pen Needles are for single use only, do not reuse them. There is a high possibility of infection if Pen Needless are used more than once. Sharpness and lubrication also deteriorate after first use which requires more pressure to penetrate the skin thus causing pain. Do not share your needles with other people. You may give other people a serious infection, or get a serious infection from them. After injecting insulin please dispose of Pen Needless properly by using a specifically designed sharps container.

Storage and Use of Medicine
Check the drug information sheet or contact the drug manufacturer for recommended storage and use of your medicine.

RX Requirements
By proceeding to purchase through our website you acknowledge that Pen Needless will be used for diabetic or other legitimate medical purpose and that you are over 18 years of age. You are solely responsible for following the laws of your State. We reserve the right to refuse any order in the event that filling such order would violate any Federal, State, local law, or regulation. The states of CT and NY restrict the sale of pen needless to licensed professionals and entities or by prescription only. See RX Requirements for more details.


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