Blood Glucose Test Strips

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Glucose test strips are small, plastic, single use disposable strips with electrodes covered by an enzyme called glucose oxidase. They are used along with a glucose meter for measuring blood glucose (sugar) level in a person’s blood. Test strips come in a protective resealable bottle, and it is important to keep them in this packaging until they're ready for use. Using test strips is critical as many daily foods and drinks can actively alter your blood sugar levels. Most strips are designed to work with one particular blood glucose monitor or with a number of different glucometers offered by one manufacturer. Easytouch, True Metrix, Bayer Contour Next, and TrueTrack are only several of the most commonly trusted manufacturers which produce clinically accurate results. Test strips are sold in packages of 10, 25, 30, 50 and 100 strips each. When buying test strips it is important to consider factors such as blood sample size and testing time, as well as where the blood sample is drawn from. Various strips allow for alternate site testing, as these non-fingertip sites include your palm, forearm, and upper arm. At Diabetics Essentials we sell a wide variety of the most popular brands of test strips, and try to make your online shopping experience and selection as easy and convenient as possible while having some of the cheapest and highly discounted prices.
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