Trividia Health True Metrix Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter, Ketone Test Reminder, No Coding, RE4H01-01

Trividia Health True Metrix Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter, Ketone Test Reminder, No Coding, RE4H01-01

Trividia Health

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The Trividia Health True Metrix Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter is designed to empower individuals with diabetes to effectively monitor their blood glucose levels. This system is intended for the quantitative measurement of glucose (sugar) in fresh capillary whole blood samples, which can be drawn from either the fingertip or forearm. It is a valuable tool for self-testing and is specifically intended for use by a single person, not for sharing. It is intended for self-testing outside the body (in vitro diagnostic use) and is meant to provide valuable insights into glucose levels at home. However, it should not be used for the diagnosis or screening of diabetes, nor is it suitable for neonatal use. It's important to note that alternative site testing should only be performed during steady state times when glucose levels are not rapidly changing.

Features and Benefits

  • Memory Storage: The meter has the capacity to store up to 500 results with time and date stamps, allowing for comprehensive record-keeping and tracking of glucose levels.
  • Averaging: Provides 7-, 14-, and 30-day averaging to assist users in assessing their long-term glucose control.
  • Event Tagging: Users can tag test results with specific events, aiding in the identification of factors that may impact blood glucose levels.
  • Testing Reminders: The meter offers four testing reminder alarms to help users establish a regular testing routine.
  • Audible Fill Detection: Audible cues assist users in ensuring an adequate blood sample for testing.
  • Control Detection: Detects the use of control solutions for quality assurance purposes.
  • Ketone Test Reminder: Prompts users to perform ketone testing when necessary.
  • Strip Release Button: Facilitates the safe and convenient disposal of used test strips.
  • Download Capabilities: Offers the ability to download test results, enhancing data management and sharing with healthcare providers.


  • Sample size: 0.5 microliters
  • Testing time: As fast as 4 seconds
  • Memory capacity: 500 results with time/date stamp
  • Averaging options: 7-, 14-, and 30-day
  • Event tagging: Yes
  • Reminder alarms: 4
  • Audible fill detection: Yes
  • Control detection: Yes
  • Ketone test reminder: Yes
  • Strip release button: Yes
  • Download capabilities: Yes
  • Brand: Trividia Health
  • MPN: RE4H01-01

Importance of Blood Glucose Meter

The True Metrix Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter plays a crucial role in diabetes management. Its features, including memory storage, averaging, and testing reminders, contribute to effective glucose monitoring. This system empowers individuals to take control of their diabetes and make informed decisions about their healthcare.

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