Salk Borage DiabetiCare Foot Cream, Latex-free

Salk Borage DiabetiCare Foot Cream, Latex-free


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Salk Borage DiabetiCare™ Foot Cream provides fast, soothing relief to severely dry skin on feet. It is easily applies omega-6 fatty acids directly to the skin, Diabetes and chronic dry skin, unfortunately, seem to go hand-in-hand. In fact, it is estimated that 83% of all diabetics suffer from dry skin, particularly in the lower extremities. According to well-documented clinical research, diabetics may suffer from an impaired ability to manufacture gamma-linlenic acid (GLA), an OMEGA-6 fatty acid crucial in the development of healthy skin cells. Used for a number of key functions throughout the body, GLA is a building block in the formation of cell membranes unable to retain adequate moisture levels, resulting in dry skin. Hence, the link between diabetics (many of whom suffer from GLA deficiency) and dry skin. Borage oil is the richest known source of GLA (24%). This oil is extracted from the seeds of the borage plant (borago officanalis), a wildflower commonly known as the blue starflower and used for thousands of years for its medicinal qualities. Because of its exceptional concentration of GLA, borage oil is used as the fundamental ingredient in all DiabeticCare™ formulations.

Borage DiabetiCare Foot Cream Features:

  • Addresses the fundamental cause of dry skin in diabetics by supplying OMEGA-6 oils directly to skin cells
  • Non-prescription
  • Clinically-proven
  • Fragrance-free formula
  • Diabetes educator and dermatologist recommended
  • Latex-free

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