Able 30G (0.30mm) VivaGuard Lancets, 30 Gauge, Box of 100

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Able 30G (0.30mm) VivaGuard Lancets, 30 Gauge, Box of 100

Able 30G (0.30mm) VivaGuard Lancets, 30 Gauge, Box of 100


Able 30G VivaGuard Lancets are essential tools for efficient blood glucose monitoring, compatible with the VivaGuard lancing device and other popular devices on the market. Crafted with an extra sharpened needlepoint and a convenient twist-top design, these lancets minimize discomfort during finger pricking, ensuring a more comfortable testing experience. With 5 depth settings on the VivaGuard lancing device, users can personalize their testing based on skin type and pain threshold. The ergonomic design maximizes usability and comfort, making these lancets a reliable choice for daily glucose testing.

Features and Benefits

  • The lancets feature an ultra-thin 30-gauge needle, minimizing discomfort during finger pricking.
  • The Twist-Top design ensures convenient and easy use, facilitating a smooth testing process.
  • These lancets are designed to fit most commonly used lancing devices, offering versatility to users.
  • Crafted from high-quality surgical steel, the lancets are sterile, prioritizing user safety during blood glucose testing.
  • The VivaGuard lancing system provides 5 depth settings, allowing users to personalize their testing experience based on skin type and pain threshold.
  • The lancets and lancing device boast an ergonomic design, fitting comfortably in the palm of the hand for ease of use.


  • Gauge: 30
  • Needle Thickness: 0.30mm
  • Quantity: Box of 100
  • Compatibility: Suitable for use with VivaGuard lancing device and other popular lancing devices in the market
  • Needle Design: Extra sharpened needlepoint for minimal discomfort during finger pricking
  • Lancet Type: Twist-Top design for convenience
  • Usability: Designed for everyday glucose testing
  • Sterilization: Lancets are sterile for user protection
  • Pain Level: Minimized discomfort due to the ultra-thin 30-gauge lancets
  • Brand: Able Diagnostics
  • MPN: VGL01-383


Able 30G VivaGuard Lancets play a crucial role in daily glucose testing routines, providing a pain-minimized experience for individuals managing diabetes. Their compatibility, ergonomic design, and sterilization contribute to the reliability and safety of the lancets. Accurate blood collection is vital for monitoring and managing blood glucose levels effectively. Purchasing these lancets from Diabetics Essentials ensures accessibility to essential diabetes management tools while saving on costs.

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Obtaining Able 30G (0.30mm) VivaGuard Lancets, 30 Gauge, Box of 100 from Diabetics Essentials guarantees access to high-quality, sterile lancets at a cost-effective price. Prioritizing health and budget, purchasing from reputable Diabetics Essentials ensures that individuals can consistently manage their diabetes with reliable tools while saving on overall healthcare expenses.


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