Brownmed IMAK SmartGlove PM, Carpal Tunnel Night Splint, Universal Size, Blue


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Combat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) pain effectively, especially at night, with the SmartGlove PM. As the #1 doctor-recommended conservative treatment for CTS, rest and night splinting play a crucial role in managing symptoms. The SmartGlove PM delivers exceptional comfort and maximum pain relief, ensuring a peaceful and pain-free night's sleep.


Features and Benefits

  • Promotes healing with therapeutic warmth.
  • Prevents the hand from being held in a harmful position during sleep.
  • Soft cotton lining and cushioning foam allow the skin to breathe.
  • Adjustable hook and loop strap for a perfect fit.
  • Universal design fits both right and left hands.
  • Experience unparalleled comfort and pain relief with the SmartGlove PM, ensuring you sleep through the night pain-free.


  • Size: Universal
  • Material: Soft cotton lining, cushioning foam
  • Brand: Brownmed
  • MPN: A10111

Wrist and Hand Supports for Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis Relief

In the sphere of specialized healthcare, wrist and hand supports play a pivotal role in providing comfort and relief for individuals grappling with conditions such as carpal tunnel and arthritis. Specifically designed to address the unique challenges posed by these ailments, these supports offer a tailored approach to managing symptoms. By delivering targeted compression and stability, they contribute to alleviating pain, reducing inflammation, and promoting a conducive environment for healing. Whether aiding in the management of carpal tunnel syndrome or easing the joint discomfort associated with arthritis, these supports become indispensable companions in the journey toward improved mobility and enhanced quality of life. Embracing adaptive solutions, individuals with carpal tunnel and arthritis can find solace and empowerment through the ergonomic support provided by these specialized aids.

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