Bionime Rightest GD500 Lancing Device, 7 Customizable Penetration Depth Settings, 99GD500G11


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Bionime Rightest GD500 Lancing Device—your easy-to-use companion for blood collection. It lets you safely throw away used lancets without accidentally pricking yourself. You can customize how deep the lancet goes with seven different settings to make it comfortable for you. The device is small, easy to hold, and won't cause much pain when you use it. It also has a safety tab to prevent accidents when you're not using it.

Features and Benefits

  • Safely eject used lancets without the risk of accidental pricking.
  • Customizable depth with 7 penetration settings for personalized comfort.
  • Compact and ergonomic design for user-friendly handling.
  • Vibration-free lancet guidance technology minimizes pain during pricking.
  • Prevents accidental activation when the cap is off.


  • Easy Ejection: Safely dispose of used lancets.
  • Customizable Depth: Choose from 7 comfort settings.
  • Convenient Design: Small and easy to use.
  • Brand: Bionime
  • MPN: 99GD500G11


The Bionime Rightest GD500 Lancing Device makes blood collection easy and safe. Toss away used lancets without worry, choose your comfort level with customizable settings, and enjoy a small and convenient design. It minimizes pain during pricking, making the process almost pain-free. With a safety feature, it won't work accidentally without the cover. Elevate your blood collection routine with the Bionime Rightest GD500, available at Diabetics Essentials. Explore more discounted items in our online store!

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