HTL-Strefa 23G (0.63mm) Acti-Lance Universal Lancets, 23 Gauge, Box of 100

HTL-Strefa 23G (0.63mm) Acti-Lance Universal Lancets, 23 Gauge, Box of 100


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HTL-Strefa Acti-Lance Universal Lancets, equipped with a 23G needle, are a sterile and single-use medical device crafted for efficient capillary blood sampling. The lancets are designed for simplicity, featuring an easy two-step operation without the need for loading. The low firing force ensures minimal pain during the sampling process, making it a user-friendly choice. The lancets stand out with an ultra-sharp, silicon-coated needle and a double spring mechanism that guarantees high puncture speed while eliminating needle vibrations. The self-destructive mechanism prevents reuse, ensuring safety and reliability. These blue lancets come with a sterile protector, making them a trusted and effective option for blood sampling.

Features and Benefits

  • Two-step operation for easy handling
  • Low firing force for minimized pain
  • Ultra-sharp, silicon-coated needle for precision
  • Double spring mechanism for high puncture speed
  • Self-destructive mechanism prevents reuse
  • Sterile protector for added safety
  • Single-use design ensures hygiene and reliability


  • Needle Gauge: 23G
  • Sterility: Sterile
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: HTL-STREFA
  • MPN: 7156


HTL-Strefa Acti-Lance Universal Lancets are crucial for obtaining capillary blood samples with precision and minimal discomfort. The sterile, single-use design and safety features make them an essential tool for healthcare professionals and individuals conducting blood tests.

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