MHC EasyTouch 33G (0.20mm) Twist Top Lancets, 33 Gauge, Box of 100

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MHC EasyTouch 33G (0.20mm) Twist Top Lancets, 33 Gauge, Box of 100

MHC EasyTouch 33G (0.20mm) Twist Top Lancets, 33 Gauge, Box of 100


MHC EasyTouch 33G Twist Top Lancets are designed to provide a seamless blood sampling experience for individuals managing diabetes. Compatible with most diabetic lancing devices, these lancets offer a sterile, single-use solution for convenient and hygienic blood testing. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel with a triple-bevel cut, they prioritize comfort and precision.

Features and Benefits

  • Each lancet is sterile and designed for single use, ensuring a hygienic and safe blood sampling process.
  • The lancets fit most commonly used diabetic lancing devices, offering versatility and convenience for users.
  • Crafted with user safety in mind, these lancets are latex-free, minimizing the risk of allergies or skin reactions.
  • The lancets are gamma-sterilized, guaranteeing a safe and sterile product with an extended shelf life. The electropolished finish adds to their durability.
  • The triple-bevel cut design prioritizes user comfort, making the blood sampling experience more comfortable and less painful.
  • Each box contains 100 lancets, ensuring a sufficient supply for regular blood testing needs.


  • Gauge: 33G (0.20mm)
  • Design: Twist Top Lancets
  • Material: High-quality stainless steel
  • Cut Type: Triple-Bevel
  • Sterilization: Gamma-sterilized for safety and extended shelf life
  • Compatibility: Fits most commonly used diabetic lancing devices
  • Quantity: 100 Count
  • Latex-Free: Yes
  • Usage: Sterile, single-use only
  • Brand: MHC Medical
  • MPN: 833101


Accurate and pain-free blood sampling is crucial for effective diabetes management. MHC EasyTouch 33G Twist Top Lancets offer a reliable and user-friendly solution, contributing to the overall well-being of individuals managing diabetes.

Other Tips When Taking Blood Samples for Glucose Monitoring

  • Change Fingers - This can help prevent scarring or skin calluses. Don't use the same finger every time for your blood sample.
  • Alternate Site Testing - Some lancing devices allow for samples from other areas of the body than the side of the fingers. Some devices can be used on the palm of the hand or forearm.
  • Check with your health care professional about using alternate testing sites since alternate sites may not be as accurate, especially when rapid changes are happening to your blood sugars which could be due to meal time, sickness, infection, sleep or exercise.

What Lancet Size do I need?

Lancets come in multiple sizes and brands that often match the glucose meter they are being used with. Usually, the blood glucose meter you are using will have the size of the lancet needed within its instructions to use with the meter. However, if you're unsure, the most standard lancet size is 30 gauge. For those with thicker skin, the smaller number gauge may be more effective as this is a thicker needle and will work better with your skin. On the other hand, if you tend to have thin skin, you may prefer a 32 or 33-gauge lancet, as thinner needles cause less pain. If you are unsure what size to use, it is always best to consult with your diabetes care team.

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