"MHC EasyTouch HealthPro Blood Glucose Test Strips, No Coding"

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MHC EasyTouch HealthPro Blood Glucose Test Strips, No Coding

1 Box (50 Test Strips) - $12.99
  • 1 Box (50 Test Strips) - $12.99
  • 2 Box (100 Test Strips) - $25.98
  • 4 Box (200 Test Strips) - $51.96
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MHC EasyTouch HealthPro Blood Glucose Test Strips, No Coding


EasyTouch HealthPro Test Strips, designed for use with the EasyTouch HealthPro Meter, offer a quantitative measurement of glucose in fresh capillary blood samples from various testing sites, including fingertips, ventral palm, dorsal hand, upper arm, forearm, calf, and thigh. These test strips feature Alternate Site Testing (AST), eliminate the need for coding, and require only a tiny blood sample size. Crafted at the highest quality levels, EasyTouch Health Pro blood glucose test strips ensure a comfortable testing experience and highly accurate results.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy Touch Health Pro test strips are crafted to make glucose testing accessible, accurate, and user-friendly.
  • Providing convenience and an ample supply for regular testing.
  • Streamlining the testing process by eliminating the need for manual coding, ensuring hassle-free monitoring.
  • Offering flexibility in testing locations for enhanced user comfort.
  • Facilitating convenient glucose testing in various settings.
  • Ensuring compliance with Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments standards, guaranteeing reliability.
  • Minimizing discomfort during testing with a minimal blood sample size.
  • Providing quick and efficient glucose level assessment.
  • Enhancing user awareness for timely and consistent testing.
  • Enabling comprehensive tracking of glucose levels over different timeframes.
  • Adding convenience by automatically powering on and off, conserving power when not in use.


  • 100% Code Free
  • Tiny Blood Sample Required Only 0.5µL
  • 5 Second Rapid Test Results
  • Alternate Site Testing
  • Brand: MHC Medical
  • MPN: 809050

AST Information

Talk to your doctor to see if alternate site testing is right for you. With a little bit of education, you can give your fingertips a rest and test more frequently than you do now. Any time you want to be sure of an accurate, up-to-date blood glucose reading, test on your fingertip.


EasyTouch HealthPro Test Strips are crucial for simplifying glucose testing in diabetes management. By eliminating manual coding and incorporating Alternate Site Testing, they prioritize user convenience and comfort. Designed for both home and on-the-go testing, these strips offer adaptability to different settings. The CLIA certification ensures reliability, instilling confidence in users. With a tiny blood sample size and rapid results in 5 seconds, they minimize discomfort and enable timely assessments. Featuring alarm reminders and comprehensive tracking, these test strips play a vital role in promoting efficient, comfortable, and accurate diabetes care.

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