Owen Mumford 21G (0.82mm) Unistik 3 Extra Safety Lancets, 21 Gauge, Box of 100

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Owen Mumford 21G (0.82mm) Unistik 3 Extra Safety Lancets, 21 Gauge, Box of 100

Owen Mumford 21G (0.82mm) Unistik 3 Extra Safety Lancets, 21 Gauge, Box of 100


Owen Mumford Unistik 3 Extra Safety Lancets provide a user-controlled blood sampling experience, putting the control firmly in your hands. The side-fire activation allows you to decide when to activate the device and how much pressure to apply, enhancing flexibility and user comfort. The alignment guide indicates precisely where the lancet will activate on the patient's finger, ensuring accuracy in the sampling process.

Features and Benefits

  • Enables user control over when to activate the lancet.
  • Indicates the precise activation point on the patient's finger for accuracy.
  • Designed for comfort, the technology minimizes the pain of finger sampling. When pressed against the sample site, a series of eight raised dots on the platform stimulate nerve endings, sending a powerful message of comfort to the brain and masking the weaker pain stimulus from the needle.
  • Suitable for various tests, including cholesterol, Haemoglobin (Hgb), and diagnostic kit tests such as cardiac enzymes.


  • Gauge: 21
  • Needle Thickness: 0.82mm
  • Activation Type: Side-fire
  • Comfort Technology: Comfort Zone Technology™
  • Quantity: 100 Lancets per Box
  • Suggested Test Areas: Cholesterol, Haemoglobin (Hgb), diagnostic kit tests such as cardiac enzymes
  • Brand: Owen Mumford
  • MPN: AT1012


The Owen Mumford Unistik 3 Extra Safety Lancets hold significant importance in the field of blood sampling due to their user-centric features. The side-fire activation feature provides users with control over when to initiate the lancet, allowing for a personalized and adaptable approach to blood collection. This user control is crucial for individuals who may have varying preferences and sensitivities during the sampling process. Additionally, the lancet's alignment guide ensures precise activation on the patient's finger, contributing to accurate blood samples. One notable aspect that enhances the overall experience is the Comfort Zone Technology™ incorporated into the lancet. This technology minimizes the pain associated with finger sampling by stimulating nerve endings with raised dots on the platform. This not only addresses a common concern related to discomfort during blood testing but also contributes to a more positive and patient-friendly experience.

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