AgaMatrix 33G (0.20mm) WaveSense iTest Ultra-thin Lancets, 33 Gauge, Sterile, Box of 100

AgaMatrix 33G (0.20mm) WaveSense iTest Ultra-thin Lancets, 33 Gauge, Sterile, Box of 100


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AgaMatrix WaveSense iTest Ultra-thin Lancets, featuring a remarkably thin 33-gauge needle for a virtually painless blood sampling experience. These lancets are among the thinnest available in the market, ensuring minimal discomfort during blood glucose testing. The universal design makes them compatible with most lancing devices, offering versatility to users. Specifically ideal for micro sample meters, these sterile, single-use lancets provide a hygienic and convenient solution for individuals managing their diabetes.

Features and Benefits

  • The lancets feature an exceptionally thin 33-gauge needle, ensuring minimal pain during blood sampling.
  • Designed to fit most lancing devices, offering convenience and flexibility to users with different devices.
  • Specifically suitable for micro sample meters, providing accurate results with smaller blood samples.
  • Each lancet is sterile and intended for single-use, ensuring a hygienic and safe blood glucose testing experience.
  • The ultra-thin lancet design prioritizes user comfort, making it an excellent choice for individuals looking for a virtually painless testing solution.
  • Each purchase includes a box of 100 lancets, offering a convenient and sufficient supply for regular blood glucose monitoring.


  • Gauge: 33
  • Needle Thickness: 0.20mm
  • Lancet Type: Universal
  • Compatibility: Fits Most Lancing Devices
  • Ideal for: Micro Sample Meters
  • Sterility: Sterile, Single-use
  • Quantity: Box of 100
  • Brand: AgaMatrix
  • MPN: 8000-01971


Managing diabetes requires frequent blood glucose testing, and the choice of lancets plays a crucial role in the testing experience. The AgaMatrix 33G WaveSense iTest Ultra-thin Lancets stand out for their ultra-thin design, ensuring minimal discomfort during blood sampling. This is particularly important for individuals who perform frequent tests, as it contributes to a more positive and less burdensome experience.

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